Oh gosh a GIVEAWAY???

Alright I’m feeling really giving and in the spirit of the season and I have a lot (and I mean /A LOT/) of fleece still, so I figure why not do something sweet for this fandom I have grown to love and care so much for uwu!!  SO I giving out a CUSTOM MADE SCALEMATE!  So whatever colors you want for the body, belly, and feets!  You can request for a troll or kid-themed one, and I can even make a little scarf like the Sollux-themed one in the banner is wearing.  uwu

In addition to this, I’ll also be giving away a drawing of you or one of your ocs (or one of your friends if you’re a sweetiebutt!) as God Tier!  It can be your test results or just whatever title you prefer.  hehe uwu  It’ll look something like this except obviously much better and in more detail.

Alright RULES!!

  • Reblog as much as you want!  Just be mindful of your followers.
  • Likes do not count
  • Although it’d be nice if you would, but following me is not necessary uwu
  • I can only do US shipping you guys!!  I’d really like to do international but I don’t have that much money now.  If you would be willing to pay for the shipping for international maybe then?
  • I will be using a random number generator to pick the winner.
  • Leave your ask box open!  If you don’t respond within 2 days, I’ll move on to another person!


Good luck everyone!  <3

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